Hokkaido University Co-op, in cooperation with the University’s Ainu Sisam uleshipa ukopiri kale ushi (English name: Ainu Coexistence Promotion Office), will hold an Ainu food fair “Ipean Lok!” will be held from July 3 to 7.


Hokkaido University established the “Ainu Sisam uleshipa ukopiri kale ushi” in April 2022. This office is engaged in the planning and development of various measures to achieve harmonious coexistence between the Ainu people and other members of the Hokkaido University community, both on and off campus.


The name of this project, “Ipean Lok!,” means “Let’s eat a meal! in the Ishikari dialect of the Ainu language. By using the Ainu word in the name of the project, we hope that it will not be just a food fair, but also an opportunity for faculty, staff, and students to become familiar with the Ainu language.


Hokkaido University is home to students and faculty members who have roots in the Ainu people. Having an opportunity to become familiar with Ainu culture on campus is expected to help ensure an environment where these members of the university can maintain their own culture and work in peace, and also provide an opportunity for other members to experience indigenous food culture.


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