On June 22, our university, Hokkaido Electric Power Co., Inc., and the Hokkaido Science and Technology Promotion Center (Northtech Foundation) signed a ``Collaboration Agreement on Zero Carbon Demonstration Project on the Hokkaido University Campus.''


This agreement will create a plan for a zero carbon demonstration project using the Hokkaido University campus as a field. In the future, the three parties will create a concrete plan to carry out demonstration experiments, aiming for zero carbon on the Hokkaido University campus, and by deploying it throughout Hokkaido, aiming to solve regional issues and realize a zero carbon Hokkaido. Masu.


Based on this partnership agreement, we will create a co-creation base that combines an "Energy Lake" where low-carbon energy and disaster resilience coexist, and a "Campus Circulation Model" that will serve as a new economic infrastructure to support a recycling-oriented society. We will continue to explore what universities should be like.


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Cooperation agreement (from left: Hokkaido Electric Power Co., Inc. Representative Director and President Executive Officer Yutaka Fujii, National University Corporation Hokkaido University President Kiyohiro Hokane, Hokkaido Science and Technology Promotion Center Chairman Akihiko Mayumi)