SUN Shiyu, a specially appointed assistant professor at the Faculty of Education, and her colleagues have started a crowdfunding project, “Let’s create the society that can supply sanitary items to people in need!”


The activity to provide sanitary items to people in need is expected to help reduce gender and poverty issues. SUN Shiyu, a specially appointed assistant professor, and her colleagues aim to create a society that can ensure the supply of sanitary items to all people in need. To achieve this goal, we need to change attitudes, provide financial support, and institutional support. Through these actions, the project will chart a way forward to achieve an inclusive society.

In this project, they will study the providing of sanitary items in East Asia (Japan, China, and South Korea). The study will focus on (1) the issues involved in providing sanitary items to the public and (2) the impact of these activities in terms of education (to change people’s awareness) and welfare (to promote economic and social engagement).


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