Ambitious Special Assistant Professor SUN Shiyu (Specially Appointed Assistant Professor) of the Graduate School Faculty of Education Creative Research at our university, and others have launched a crowdfunding project titled ``A society that can provide sanitary products to those who need them!''


Delivering sanitary products to people who need them is expected to help alleviate gender and poverty issues.

Special Assistant Professor SUN Shiyu (Specially Appointed Assistant Professor) and others aim to create a society in which sanitary products are reliably delivered to all people who need them. Achieving this goal requires a change in mindset, financial support, and institutional support. Through these initiatives, we will chart the path to realizing an inclusive society.


Through case studies of three routes for providing sanitary products in East Asia (Japan, China, and South Korea), the research carried out in this project examines (1) the challenges of providing sanitary products to the general public, and (2) these issues. We will focus on how these activities affect people from the perspectives of education (changing people's consciousness) and welfare (promoting economic and social participation).

We are thinking of receiving support through crowdfunding to generate more interest. In addition, we plan to use the funds collected to cover travel expenses for case studies, materials, and preparation costs for workshops and symposiums.


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