The Office of Ainu Relations and Initiatives and University Library hold a joint Exhibition “Learning from Books: The Language, Lives, History, and Interaction of the Ainu People” until early June.


This exhibit is related to the general education course “Learning at Hokkaido University” offered to first-year students. Recommended books are introduced under three themes: “The History and Present of the Ainu People,” “The Language, Lives, and Work of the Ainu People,” and “The Ainu People and Hokkaido University. “Let’s deepen your understanding of the Ainu people by reading the books recommended by the professors of The Office of Ainu Relations and Initiatives.


  • Period: ~Early June, 2023 (tentative)
  • Place: Exhibition Corner, 2nd floor of the East Wing, North Library


For more information, please click here. *Go to the website of the University Library.