Hokkaido University held the 2021 Campus Clean Day on May 17th.


As Hokkaido University, which contributes to solving global issues (achieving the SDGs), our university, based on the philosophy of creating a sustainable campus, preserves the rich ecological environment so as not to damage the value and biodiversity of the ecological environment that characterizes our campus. In order to do this, we are holding a "Campus Clean Day'' where we clean the entire campus. In 2020, it was held for the first time in three years due to the novel coronavirus infection, and was held with the participation of many members of our university, from faculty to students.


Our university will continue to engage in environmental conservation activities on campus and ensure a good educational and research environment.


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Director Nobutaka Sugawara giving opening greetings (School of Medicine Centennial Hall)

Activities (around the Faculty of Medicine)_Separating the collected garbage