In Hokkaido, the "SDGs x Hokkaido Exchange Seminar 2021" (hosted by the host) will be held online on Wednesday, February 10, 2021, in order to share the progress status of the "Hokkaido SDGs Promotion Vision" and to exchange opinions and interact with those working on SDGs in Hokkaido. :Hokkaido/Co-sponsored by: Hokkaido University).
At the same time, an "online poster session" will be held to introduce the efforts of Hokkaido SDGs Promotion Network members and to foster interaction among participants.
Anyone can participate in both the exchange seminar and poster session, so please apply.
Please note that only members of the Hokkaido SDGs Promotion Network can exhibit posters. You can register as a member until the application deadline, so please consider this opportunity.
(The application deadline for poster sessions only has been extended to February 5th [Updated 2/3])

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“SDGs x Hokkaido Exchange Seminar 2021” Overview
〇Date and time: Wednesday, February 10, 2021 14:00~16:30
〇Venue: Online (distribution using Zoom)
〇 Target: Anyone can participate
〇Capacity: 400 people (first come first served/Application deadline: Wednesday, February 3rd)
〇How to apply: Please apply using the form below.
[Application form]

〇Program (planned) *Due to content adjustment, some changes may occur.
(1) Opening of the meeting
Video message Naomichi Suzuki Governor of Hokkaido
Kiyohiro Hokane President of Hokkaido University
(2) Keynote speech
“The world after coronavirus driven by SDGs” Lecturer: Kenji Kanie (Professor, Graduate School of Media and Governance, Keio University)
(3) Introduction of initiatives related to SDGs
“Hokkaido University’s contribution to achieving the SDGs – From the forefront of problem solving” (Hokkaido University)
“SDGs communicated by high school students now: Practical examples of Hokkaido Nayoro Sangyo High School Agriculture Club” (Hokkaido Nayoro Sangyo High School Dairy Science Department/
agricultural club)
(4) Regarding the progress of SDGs in Hokkaido (Hokkaido General Policy Department Policy Bureau Planning Promotion Division)
(5) Information on online poster session