Our University's Faculty of Medicine, together with 10 other facilities in Japan, have concluded a consortium agreement regarding radiology education with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA, headquartered in Vienna).

The purpose of this consortium is to improve the standards of cancer diagnosis and treatment by training experts in radiology, nuclear medicine, and radiation therapy in developing countries.

The consortium itself was launched in 2018, and with this agreement, it will be renewed for five years. Hokkaido University Graduate Faculty of Medicine has contributed to the IAEA's educational activities in the past, and in September 2019, it held a "Regional Workshop on Clinical Applications of Cardiac Multimodality Imaging in Clinical Based Setting Including PET/CT'' on our campus. We held a workshop entitled and accepted 29 participants from Asia and other countries. We also sent instructors to workshops held at other facilities in Japan multiple times.
Based on this agreement, Hokkaido University Graduate Faculty of Medicine is expected to play an important role in education in the field of radiology in collaboration with other institutions and the IAEA.


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