As of November 11, our university has joined the International Universities Climate Alliance (IUCA), which was launched in April 2020, as the only member school in Japan.
The University Federation was founded by the University of New South Wales in Australia, and has 48 member institutions from 22 countries around the world (as of November 30, 2020). Main activities include annual general meetings and regional committee meetings, as well as workshops and researcher roundtables on the five research themes and four subthemes proposed by the university federation.

In addition, in conjunction with the G20 Summit held in Saudi Arabia on November 21-22, 37 volunteer organizations of the university federation, including our university, made recommendations regarding climate change to the leaders of the G20 countries.
The recommendations include the need for cooperation among countries and strategic responses based on expert opinion and evidence to address climate change issues, investment and specific examples for global decarbonization, and measures to combat the novel coronavirus infection. In response, we advocate the importance of maintaining efforts to reduce CO2 emissions based on the Paris Agreement.

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