The "Sustainable Co-Creation Project with Young People" will be held jointly by SWiTCH, a general incorporated association, and the University's Center for Environmental and Health Sciences.


The G7 Sapporo Climate, Energy and Environment Ministers' Meeting will be held in Sapporo in April 2023. In conjunction with this meeting, the "Sustainable Co-Creation Project with Young People'' will invite environmental experts to set up a "study session'' to conduct study sessions and discussions on global environmental measures. Through three study sessions, we will create an "action list'' that we expect from local governments and companies, make recommendations, and encourage companies and local governments to take action.

This is a collaborative project between young people, universities, local governments, and companies that allows people to experience how positive changes can be made to the global environment by connecting young people's voices, which until now have only been heard, and having them actually take action.


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