The seventh installment of the "Field of Knowledge" series, "Sea, Forest, River: In a Connected World," has been released.

"Field of Knowledge" is a series project that focuses on Hokkaido University's vast research and educational fields and approaches the cutting-edge knowledge cultivated there.
In the seventh installment released this time, ``In a world where seas, forests, and rivers are connected,'' we introduce the ``Akkeshi Marine Research Station'' located in Akkeshi Town. The Akkeshi Marine Research Station was established in 1931 as Japan's only subarctic marine research station whose main research target is cold-water marine organisms. Located under the cliffs of Cape Aikappu, a scenic tourist attraction, we are engaged in a wide range of research and education on marine ecosystems in the beautiful natural environment of a national park.
This time, we will introduce the facilities and research at the Akkeshi Marine Laboratory based on interviews with researchers and students at the laboratory.


Click here for Part 7, “In a world where seas, forests, and rivers are connected.”


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Photo: GEOGRAMS Kodai Ito