Our university CoSTEP, in collaboration with Sapporo Civic Exchange Plaza (SCARTS), will hold "SCARTS x SIAF Lab Winter Exhibition 2023 Snow-related Etc." on February 11th and 12th.


At our university's CoSTEP, Sapporo Civic Exchange Plaza (SCARTS), we are promoting workshops for junior high and high school students created by artists and scientists. This time, we will welcome Yoichi Uemura, an artist who supported our stay at CoSTEP, as a lecturer, and we will hold a two-day workshop where you can think about the world around you through "sound" through field recording (recording sounds outdoors). It will be held. In addition, a lecture on environmental studies will be given by a guest lecturer, and students will deepen their thinking about the coexistence of nature and man-made things.


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