Five students from the Environmental Biogeochemistry Lab, Graduate School of Global Food Resources, Hokkaido University, presented their research project* at 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 27) in Egypt.

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*WELCOME Project

Water, Energy, Livelihoods and eCOsysteM hEalth (WELCOME) Project is an international and multidisciplinary research project focusing on the improvement of one of the world’s largest artificial lakes, Lake Kariba in Zambia. For its rich natural resource and scenic beauty, Lake Kariba has a pivotal role in the livelihood of the local people; from providing food and irrigation supply to advancing the local tourism.How can we coexist and live in harmony with nature and sustainably nurture a rich lifestyle? Is the current use of the Lake Kariba catchment area really appropriate? These questions are the backdrop for this project.


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Left to right: Akira Nagata (D1), Yu Hirata (M1), Gen Takahashi (M2), Hiroki Nishimine (M1), and Terumasa Yamamoto (M1).

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