The Kyoto University iPS Cell Research Institute (CiRA) is holding a science cafe, and the 32nd CiRA Cafe, "The accumulation of gaps leads to discoveries - Computers and the mysteries of biological systems discovered" will be held on January 28, 2023. It will be held. At this event, Associate Professor Motoko Okumoto of Communication in Science & Technology Education & Research Program (CoSTEP) (CoSTEP), Open Education Center, Graduate Institute for the Advancement of Graduate Education will serve as the audience.


Even though we strive for accuracy, slight deviations may occur during the manufacturing process. The same thing happens inside living organisms. Research is underway to use a machine called a computer to find small deviations that occur because our bodies are not machines. Computational biology is a new field of biology that uses computers to statistically process data obtained from biological research, and to find patterns from that data and use it for prediction. It is believed that by using computers, it will be possible to discover small differences and patterns that humans have not noticed before. This time's Science Cafe focuses on computational biology.


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