The Accessibility Support Office of the University's Student Counseling Center will hold an event entitled "Thinking about neurodiversity - What is the gray zone of developmental disabilities?" on December 7th.


In recent years, there has been a growing trend to view developmental disorders as innate differences in the way the brain works from the perspective of "neurodiversity." We all live within a gradation of neurodevelopment, and developmental disorders cannot be said to be a problem for a few specific people. However, it is also true that the current society is one that is easy for the majority to live in, but one that is difficult for the minority. Therefore, in this event, we would like to introduce the perspective of "neurodiversity" and talk about the difficulties that students with developmental disabilities tend to have at university and how to deal with them. Through this event, everyone affiliated with our university will have the opportunity to deepen their understanding of developmental disorders, and we aim to make our university a welcoming university environment for people with various neurodiversities.


*This seminar is only for members of our university. Participation from other institutions is not possible.


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