The Hokkaido Marathon Organizing Committee and Hokkaido University will collaborate to implement new SDGs initiatives at the Hokkaido Marathon 2023. First, we are inviting proposals to add an SDGs perspective to the competition.
Hokkaido Shimbun will fully cooperate with more than 40 partner companies to realize this, including incorporating the SDGs into the marathon operation itself and communicating the SDGs as a side event of the marathon. We welcome any suggestions.
At the Hokkaido Marathon 2022, we carried out initiatives such as ``Using snow in icing,'' ``Leading the way with hydrogen cars,'' and ``T-shirts made from recycled polyester.'' We will examine each proposal we receive one by one, consider how to make it a reality, and in some cases, we may even participate in activities to make it a reality. Students can experience event management, collaborate with partner companies, and gain social experience at large events. It is also possible to propose collaboration with friends from other universities. We look forward to receiving fun and ambitious SDG proposals.

[About applying to the project]
For more information, please see the recruitment overview and Attachment 2. Towards the realization of a joint project.
Recruitment overview
Attachment 2. Towards the realization of joint projects

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