Our University's Graduate School of Public Policy will hold the 6th HOPS Seminar ``Preparing for a Huge Earthquake in Hokkaido'' online on December 5th.


Estimated damage caused by a huge earthquake along the Japan Trench and the Kuril Islands has been announced. Unprecedented heavy rains and typhoon damage are occurring in municipalities along the Sea of Japan and inland, and the damage is increasing and becoming more serious. Policy makers with the ability to flexibly respond to such severe accidents, local business managers who can sustain their businesses, and entrepreneurs who can breathe new life into the future are needed in various places.

In this seminar, in the first part, he gave lectures on knowledge for life reconstruction and support that is immediately useful, as well as from the perspective of disaster response and human resource development in local governments, and in the second part, examples of the ``Kitagoshi Wide-area Disaster Prevention Collaboration Project'' were presented. The research team will discuss the implications obtained from the research and hold a talk session.


Please see here for more information, including how to apply. *You will be redirected to the website of our university's Graduate School of Public Policy.