Our university applied for and was selected for the 2021 Regional Core Universities Innovation Creation Environment Enhancement Project, which was publicly solicited by the Cabinet Office.


In addition to Hokkaido University's past track record of regional collaboration, we have developed a hybrid university concept that aims to simultaneously become a ``world's most advanced research university'' and a ``core university that co-creates with the local community,'' as well as projects in various parts of Hokkaido to solve regional issues. The Hokkaido University Alliance concept, which collaborates with a wide range of universities, has been highly evaluated, and it was ranked first out of 11 universities selected this year, and is scheduled to receive 300 million yen in fiscal year 2020.

Through this project, we will work to strengthen our business foundation by further accelerating our social contribution activities and inducing investment activities from local governments and industry through these activities. Hokkaido University will continue to strive to contribute to the realization of this goal.


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