"SDGs Mirai Terrace (Sponsored by ITOCHU Corporation, Asahi Shimbun)" is a project to introduce how SDGs are being developed globally. This is a year-round project aimed at university students (particularly those looking for jobs at trading companies or mass media) and will be distributed online once a month. The 6th session is "Poverty seen from a developing country's perspective". More than 700 million people worldwide suffer from poverty. A pediatrician working locally (an alumnus of our university's medical school) will talk about the actual situation in Kenya, and will also introduce initiatives that contribute to improving the lives of local communities through business.


6th theme: “Poverty seen from a developing country’s perspective”

Date and time: Thursday, September 21, 2022, 18:00-19:00

Held: Online

Participation Fee: Free for the in-class sessions.

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