Hokkaido is an advanced region where various social problems are becoming serious ahead of the rest of the country. At Hokkaido University as well, we are promoting a new form of regional cooperation that makes use of the comprehensive strengths of the university, under the slogan of "co-creation with local governments" and "strengthening cooperation with society to solve problems." Inazo Nitobe, a second-year student at Sapporo Agricultural College, has argued that Practical Learning is nothing more than emphasizing the field (region), advocating local studies, and advocating the need to increase the vitality of local communities. Ta.
At Hokkaido University URA Station, we focus on research and research that develops our own research and university learning with our own ideas, and solve problems in the field while collaborating with local communities and organizations in Hokkaido. We have launched a program to support graduate students who are actively working on this. We believe that if students actively practice modern regional studies with a "Frontier Spirit" and "Practical Learning" in mind, they will definitely grow through new problems, discoveries, and learning that will arise in the field. I'm here. We would be happy if we could support the challenges and growth of our students in the form of travel expenses, albeit a small amount.

●Support recipients
Graduate students in master's programs (master's programs), professional degree programs, and doctoral programs currently enrolled at Hokkaido University
●Reference information
〜〜1st call for applications (deadline 7/17) Selected projects〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜
・Okujiri High School Developing human resources to tackle fisheries issues through high school and university collaboration projects
・Collaborative research with stakeholders on sustainable campsite management in Daisetsuzan National Park
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