Hokkaido University will hold Open Campus 2022 on August 7th and 8th.

At Open Campus 2022, our university will have programs related to SDGs.


  • SDGs that we can do ~What we can do at Hokkaido University~

While explaining Hokkaido University's SDGs education system, educational content, and research projects, we will explain the importance of working together with various people and putting them into practice. While introducing the 100 Next Generation Climate Conference in Hokkaido and initiatives within the university, we will understand the importance of working together.


  • SDGs to learn and put into practice at university – whether it’s in an interview or in a statement of purpose

We will explain the SDGs that can be learned at university and the SDGs that can be put into practice, and understand that basic knowledge, individual knowledge, and practical skills are all required comprehensively. You will learn the skills necessary for the written exam, the skills necessary for the interview, and the skills necessary for the statement of purpose from the perspective of the SDGs.


In addition, each department offers a number of programs with themes such as renewable energy, carbon neutrality, and sustainability.

For program details and to apply, please click here. *You will be redirected to the special open campus site.