Our university will co-sponsor the Third Division of the Science Council of Japan and the Hokkaido Regional Conference to hold a public symposium titled "Thinking about the future of the global environment - Towards the realization of carbon neutrality" on August 16th.


This symposium will feature lectures on advanced research on the relationship between the global environment and climate change and carbon neutrality, as well as changes in the industrial structure to achieve this goal. We will also discuss with students the expectations, contributions, and challenges of academic research toward a carbon-neutral society.


In addition, we are recruiting several high school students to present their ideas on the theme of "Thinking about the future of the global environment" at this symposium, and then to participate in a general discussion along with the panelists.


For more information on how to apply (including applications for high school students to participate in the venue), please click here. *You will be redirected to the university's core website.