The Sustainable Campus Promotion Council (CAS-Net JAPAN) will hold the "1st General Meeting of Employees & Special Lecture" on Saturday, July 16th.


CAS-Net JAPAN promotes and accelerates efforts to build sustainable campuses in domestic higher education institutions, administrative agencies, and corporations, and collaborates with active networks in other countries to create sustainable and environmentally friendly campuses in Japan. Our aim is to contribute to the construction of society using our campus as a model. On April 19, 2020, we acquired corporate status and became the "General Incorporated Association Sustainable Campus Promotion Council." Our university will continue to cooperate with the activities of the Sustainable Campus Promotion Council, and in addition to our previous activities, we plan to contribute to the development of new activities that could not be carried out by voluntary organizations.

This event will consist of two parts: ``13:30-15:00 First General Meeting of Employees'' and ``15:00-17:00 Special Lecture ``The Role of Universities Around the World in Creating a Sustainable Society.'' It is scheduled to be held. In the "Special Lecture" part, our university's case studies will be introduced as examples of Sustainable Campus Assessment System (ASSC)* certified schools.


Click here for more information, including how to participate. *You will be redirected to the CAS-Net JAPAN website.


*Sustainable Campus Assessment System (ASSC)

This is a campus evaluation system developed by our university in 2013 and operated by CAS-Net JAPAN.

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