Our university's Graduate Faculty of Fisheries Sciences, Graduate School of Fisheries Sciences and School of Fisheries Sciences Sciences (hereinafter referred to as Faculty of Fisheries Sciences) and the Hokkaido Federation of Fisheries Cooperatives (hereinafter referred to as Hokkaido Gyoren) signed a collaboration agreement on Monday, May 16, 2022. It has been concluded.

Until now, various joint research projects have been conducted between Faculty of Fisheries Sciences and Hokkaido Gyoren. However, in order to resolve the various issues faced by Hokkaido's fishing industry, both parties came to the common understanding that it is necessary to work together in an organized manner, and decided to conclude a comprehensive collaboration agreement.


Main cooperation details

  • Matters related to the development of fisheries science and technology
  • Matters related to the utilization of marine resources
  • Matters related to regional and industrial development
  • Matters related to educational human resource development
  • Other things that contribute to achieving the purpose


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