Hokkaido University's East Asian Media Research Center will be holding the 2022 Japan-Korea Solidarity Citizenship Lecture (7 sessions in total) in conjunction with Waseda University's Institute of Korean Studies.
Please check here for details including how to apply.
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[Date and time] Fridays from May to August 2022, 18:00-19:30 (7 times in total)
[Holding format] Continuous online courses
(There are times when it is possible to participate face-to-face, but depending on the spread of the new coronavirus, this may change to an online-only event.)
[Participation fee] Free
[Application deadline] May 10, 2022 (Tuesday) (Those who wish to take the course on a one-time basis can apply at any time)
[Sponsor] Hokkaido University East Asian Media Research Center / Waseda University Institute of Korean Studies

2022 Japan-Korea Solidarity Citizen Lecture Lineup

  • ・1st May 13th [Online] History of Masaharu Oka Memorial Nagasaki Peace Museum
  • ・2nd May 27th [Face-to-face & Online] Continuing to photograph modern history of Korea
  • ・3rd June 10th [Face-to-face & Online] Memorializing the Korean victims of the Great Kanto Earthquake
  • ・4th June 24th [Face-to-face & Online] Covering the “connections” with neighboring countries ~ Seen from a familiar place ~
  • ・5th July 8th [Face-to-face & Online] Korean/Japanese grandmothers' itinerary
  • ・6th July 22nd [Online] Okinawa and Koreans
  • ・7th August 5th [Face-to-face & Online] Noriko Ibaraki, a poet who breaks boundaries


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