The public symposium of the United Nations University SDG University Collaboration Platform (SDG-UP), in which our university participates, was held online on March 30, 2022.


SDG-UP is collaborating with 31 Japanese universities to hold discussions on four themes: "University Management," "SDG Curriculum," "Interuniversity Collaboration," and "University Evaluation and Accountability." This symposium will present the results, develop a discussion on what universities should do to achieve the SDGs, and think about the future of Japanese universities.


In the "University Management" session, our university's Executive Vice President Yokota gave a presentation on how the university as a whole is developing a system to help achieve the SDGs. It was announced that the executive department would set the direction, build a specialized university-wide organization for promotion, and promote education, research, and social collaboration as a university organization.


In the session on "SDG Curriculum," there was an explanation of the subject "Introduction to the United Nations SDGs," which was developed in an omnibus format in collaboration with 12 universities. Our university is also participating in this initiative, with lecture videos provided by Professor Yasuhiro Yamanaka (Faculty of Environmental Earth Science) and Associate Professor Taiki Nomura (Faculty of Fisheries Sciences).


In the session on "University Evaluation and Accountability," URA Yumiko Takeuchi of our university's URA Station gave a presentation on examples of what our university is doing to build a sustainable campus. It was announced that the PDCA cycle will be implemented using the ASSC developed by our university, and that Institute for the Advancement of Sustainability will be at the core of the PDCA cycle in collaboration with the President's Office.


Our university will continue to participate in SDG-UP and promote activities this year.


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