At the Study Abroad Fair in Japan for students from Sub-Saharan Africa who wish to study abroad, Professor Satoru Kato of Institute for the Advancement of Sustainability 's SDGs Initiative Office explained our university's efforts regarding the SDGs.
This study abroad fair is sponsored by the Africa Lusaka Office, Hokkaido University's overseas office located in the Republic of Zambia, and has been held a total of 20 times since 2014. Africa Lusaka Office In 2014, it was selected as the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology's Study Abroad Coordinator Assignment Project (Sub-Saharan Africa), and from April 2018, it was renamed as the "Study in Japan Overseas Base Collaboration Promotion Project" and has become a base for studying in Japan. It has become.
At this fair, there was an explanation from Lusaka Office Director Masahiro Okumura (Professor, Faculty School of Veterinary Medicine) at the general briefing session, and presentations by people who had studied abroad in Japan, followed by presentations from participating Japanese universities (22 universities). Group consultation sessions were held for each program (35 programs in total).
From our university, a group consultation meeting was held by Graduate School of Environmental Science and Graduate School of Life Science English Program IGP.

Online Japan Study Abroad Fair for those wishing to study abroad at graduate school (Sub-Saharan Africa)
JPN Opportunity for Africa Graduate Studies in JAPAN Feb. 2022
Saturday, February 26, 2022 18:00-21:00 (Japan time)
① General briefing session (18:00-19:30)
1. Overview of Studying in Japan
2. Tips for Applying to Scholarships
3. Sharing Experience by African students in Japan
4. Fun and Hard Facts about Japanese Language
5. Career Path after Graduation
*Streamed from Kenya (Nairobi) and Japan (Tokyo and Sapporo)
②Group consultation session by participating universities in Japan (19:30-21:00)
Project Associate Professor Kusakabe and Project Assistant Professor Daimon from the Lusaka Office explaining about studying in Japan
Professor Kato introducing our university's SDGs initiatives