An interview with Atsushi Yokota, director and vice president of our university, was featured on Spaceship Earth.
Mr. Atsushi Yokota, Director/Vice President of Hokkaido University | SDGs x Hokkaido University initiatives making use of vast fields
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Spaceship Earth is a site operated by Elevista Co., Ltd. that posts information, news interviews, etc. related to the SDGs. An interview was held to discuss the background behind how our university, which ranks high in university impact rankings, is evaluated worldwide.

table of contents
2. Achieved 1st place in Japan for 2 consecutive years in the “University Impact Ranking”
3.Characteristics of Hokkaido University’s SDGs
4.SDGs and the history of Hokkaido University
5. What is the “sustainable campus” that Hokkaido University is aiming for?
6.The role of universities as stated in the “Sapporo Sustainability Declaration ”
7. Expansion of initiatives in collaboration with stakeholders
8. To achieve a sustainable future together
9.Interview video
10.Reference links