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In addition to the latest information, each banner on the right side of the page provides information on the ``Support page for prospective students'' and ``Reasons why seniors decided to enroll in Hokkaido University'' (activities for choosing a career path and the reasons why they decided on the university to enroll). You can view information for prospective students, such as the results of a nationwide survey conducted to inform students.


We have recently published a new "Mock Lecture by Hokkaido University Researchers [SDGs Special Feature]" in the "Admission Guide". Currently, lecture videos related to SDGs by the following 13 people have been released.
You can also view it from this banner, so please take a look.



  • Professor Mari Koyano (Graduate School of Law School of Law Professor) “From agreements between countries to SDGs: International law that will shape the future of international society”
    (text only)
  • Professor Susumu Imai (Faculty School of Economics and Business Graduate School of Public Policy, Professor) “Economic issues of accepting immigrants”
  • Dr. Taro Yamauchi (Faculty of Medicine, Department of Health Sciences, Professor) “Creating water, toilet, and sanitation systems with children and local communities”
  • Professor Takao Koshino (Associate Professor, Spatial Design, Department of Architecture and Urban Design Faculty of Engineering School of Engineering “The meaning of a “sustainable campus””
  • Professor Tomomichi Kato (Associate Professor, Department of Collaborative Research, Faculty School of Agriculture Research Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Agriculture) “Ecosystem Carbon (CO2) Cycle”
  • Hirofumi Kato (Professor, Graduate School of Humanities and Human Sciences Ainu and Indigenous Studies, Graduate School of Letters) “Learning the history of the Ainu people now”
  • Dr. Akiko Tamakoshi (Professor, Department of Medicine, School of Medicine) “Researching factors related to health in humans”
  • Professor Hiroshi Hino (Faculty School of Science Faculty of Advanced Life Science Professor) “Challenging the mysteries of sugar, the ambiguous information that connects life”
  • Dr. Satoru Imauchi (Associate Professor, Department of Pathogenesis Control, Graduate Faculty of Veterinary Medicine /Department of Advanced Drug Discovery) “Aiming for an era when animals can also be saved from diseases with new drugs”
  • Dr. Hideyoshi Harashima (Faculty School of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmacy Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Professor) “Paradigm shift in drug discovery: The dawn of nanomedicine”
  • Dr. Hisai Kasai (School of Fisheries Sciences Graduate School of Fisheries Sciences / Faculty of Fisheries Sciences, Associate Professor) “Diagnosis, prevention and treatment of infectious diseases in fish”
  • Dr. Kyoko Hida (Professor Faculty of Dental Medicine Science) “Control cancer from blood vessels!”
  • Dr. Yujiro Yamanaka (Faculty School of Education Faculty of Education, Associate Professor) “The charm of chronobiology research”


Additional lectures will be published in the future.