We are currently recruiting participants for "Climate Change/SDGs Action Labo," a practical action program aimed at combating climate change and achieving the SDGs.
For more information here Please refer to the. (You will be redirected to the Sapporo City website)
Name: Climate Change/SDGs Action Labo
Sponsor: Sapporo City Environment Bureau
Sponsored by: Workshop Design describe with, Dialogger LLC
Event period: October 2021 to March 2022 (first scheduled for October 26th from 18:30 to 21:00), 11 times in total
Holding method: Online (Zoom meeting in principle), the second session will be an on-site experience.
Event Overview: We are seeing the words climate change and SDGs more often. But how should I take action?
I hear many people say they don't understand. Therefore, this time's "Climate Change/SDGs Action Labo" aims to "take action".
We will implement programs based on major themes. We are looking forward to your participation if you want to try something yourself.
Number of people recruited: 30 people (planned)