We have released the "Sustainability Report" (Environmental Report up to the year before last), which comprehensively discloses Hokkaido University's various initiatives aimed at creating a sustainable society.
This year, we invited an expert on the SDGs for a dialogue with the president on the topic of ``Aiming to be a university that contributes to solving the world's challenges.'' In addition, we are holding a roundtable discussion titled ``Thinking about a Sustainable Campus,'' with the participation of faculty, staff, and students from within the university, as well as experts from outside the university. In addition, we have posted some of our university's response documents and research results regarding the new coronavirus infection, which has had a major impact since last year, as well as introducing the latest research, education, and campus management results in 2020. . This is a report that shows Hokkaido University's present and future.
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table of contents
・Conversation with the president
・Special feature 01 Towards a new stage - Hokkaido University x SDGs
・Special Feature 02 Initiatives against the new coronavirus infection - Hokkaido University x COVID-19
・Round table discussion ・Thinking about sustainable campuses
・Research/Education TOPICS
・Movement towards building a sustainable campus
・University overview