Our university's sustainable campus efforts were featured in the SDGs seminar report.
[Hokkaido University] Becoming an “unparalleled university” that contributes to the world in a unique field
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This article is “Toyo Keizai ACADEMIC Special Feature on Universities Working on SDGs Vol. 3: Towards the Next Generation After Corona, Transforming Society by Putting SDGs into Practice” This is a reconstruction of the article about our university's sustainable campus efforts that was published in Toyo Keizai Shinposha (released on June 26, 2021).
A sustainable campus is a university that contributes to building a sustainable society through education, research, social collaboration, and campus development. This term does not only mean "a campus with a low environmental impact," but also "develops education and research rooted in social issues as a university-wide policy," and "implements campus development that is in harmony with the surrounding area." This magazine introduces how the company has supported society's well-being in multiple ways.
This magazine also features an interview with President Hogan and introduces the university's efforts to contribute to achieving the SDGs.
Uryu Research Forest is one of seven research forests located mainly in Hokkaido.