Hokkaido University has been aiming to contribute to a sustainable society since the era when the term SDGs did not exist.
To commemorate the establishment of Institute for the Advancement of Sustainability, we will hold a seminar to consider the role of universities and collaboration with local communities and industry to solve global issues.
Institute for the Advancement of Sustainability Kickoff Seminar “Sustainability and Hokkaido University”
Date and time: Wednesday, September 22nd 14:00-15:30
Holding method: Online (Zoom webinar, advance registration required)
Participation fee: Free, anyone can participate.
Sponsored by: Hokkaido University Institute for the Advancement of Sustainability
Sponsored by: Hokkaido, Japan Business Federation

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Opening Remarks Kiyohiro Hokane, President of Hokkaido University
Greetings from the Guest Ms. Michiko Ikeda, Director of SDGs, Japan Business Federation
・"History of Hokkaido University's development and SDGs" Atsushi Yokota (Hokkaido University Director/Vice President (in charge of international affairs and SDGs), SDGs Initiative Office
・“Promoting SDGs in Hokkaido” Mototo Uramoto (Vice Governor of Hokkaido)