The Graduate School of Fisheries Sciences, Graduate School of Fisheries Sciences, and School of Fisheries Sciences at Hokkaido University (hereinafter referred to as the Graduate School of Fisheries Sciences) and the Field Science Center for Northern Biosphere signed a collaboration agreement with Shiriuchi Town on Wednesday, April 10, 2024.


The Regional Fisheries Industry Co-Creation Center of the Graduate School of Fisheries Sciences is participating in the review council for the construction of a new seedling production facility in Shiriuchi Town, and is supporting the "Aquaculture: Creating and Cultivating Fisheries" initiative in Shiriuchi Town, and has concluded this partnership to address the following issues facing the fishing industry: 1) a sharp decline in the number of people employed in the fishing industry, 2) the disappearance of seaweed beds due to coastal denudation, and 3) a decline in the catch in coastal fishing. In addition, the seedling production facility, including the coastal area, is scheduled to be used as an educational and research field for our university after construction.

Contents of cooperation
  • (1) Human resource development
  • (2) Matters relating to aquaculture
  • (3) Matters concerning seedling production
  • (4) Other matters related to the promotion of fisheries


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