Hokkaido University School of Law ・Graduate School Graduate School of Law ・Law School, and Graduate School of Law Center for Higher Education and Research in Law and Politics, Hokkaido University, are organizing "Come, Legal Women! @Hakodate - Meet Lawyers, Judges and Prosecutors! will be held in Hakodate on March 23.


“Come, Legal Girls!!” is a project held in August 2023 as an open campus related project. This event was held in Hakodate in the hope that listening to the stories of people working in the legal field, with whom we are not normally familiar, and becoming more familiar with their daily lives will help expand future possibilities. Ta.

Would you like to hear directly from lawyers, judges, and prosecutors who are active in the field about the appeal of their work and their daily lives? A Hokkaido University faculty member and current Hokkaido University student from Hakodate will talk about the path to becoming a lawyer and the life of School of Law student.


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