The results report session for the “Regional Studies Practical Support Program 2023” was held on March 4th in the large conference room on the 5th floor of the Creative Science Research Building and online.


Inazo Nitobe, a second-year student at Sapporo Agricultural College, has preached that Practical Learning means emphasizing the field (region), advocated local studies, and preached the need to enhance the vitality of local regions. Ta. The "Regional Studies Practical Support Program" implemented by the Hokkaido University Integrated URA Research Management Station focuses on surveys and research that develop students' own research and university learning. This program supports graduate students who take the initiative to solve problems in the field while collaborating with local communities and organizations.


At the debriefing session, 10 graduate students reported on the results of their projects. Finally, the ``Regional Studies Award'' was presented by Hiroshi Abe, Deputy Director of Hokkaido University Integrated URA Research Management Station, and a commemorative gift was presented by Kenji Yoshida, Director-General in charge of Science and Technology Promotion, Next Generation Social Strategy Bureau, Hokkaido Policy Department.