Our University's School of Agriculture and the Hokkaido Shimbun Editorial Department held the 39th Aguri University* "Mystery of Milk Solidifying and Growing" on February 17th. We would like to inform you that the details of this event have been published on the Faculty of School of Agriculture 's website.



  • Lecture name: the 39th Aguri University “The mystery of milk solidifying and stretching”
  • Implementation date and time: February 17, 2024
  • Sponsored by: School of Agriculture, Hokkaido University, Hokkaido Shimbun Editorial Bureau

Click here for the event report. *You will be redirected to the website of our university's School of Agriculture.


*"Aguri University" is a continuous parent-child course that has been jointly held by School of Agriculture of our university and the Hokkaido Shimbun since 2014, and is an experiential course where you can learn about food and agriculture using your mind and body.