The Hokkaido University Data-Driven Interdisciplinary Research Emergence Department (D-RED) will hold a special session on data-driven fusion research and digital human resource development from Hokkaido on February 20th.


Hokkaido University's Data-Driven Interdisciplinary Research Emergence Department (D-RED) has the ability to extract fusion research areas based on numerical evidence, respond to the needs of companies working to solve problems, and promote fusion research for a data-driven society. It is a base for realizing data-driven fusion research, which is one of Hokkaido University's strengths. This session will be conducted in various locations in Hokkaido, including D-RED, related to the Cabinet Office Strategic Innovation Creation Program (SIP) 3rd term theme, “Building a platform to realize learning and working styles in the post-corona era.” We will give a lecture on the content of implementation aimed at resolving regional issues, and provide topics for realizing new ways of learning and working in the future. In addition, there will be lectures on the efforts of the Hokkaido Development Bureau, which collaborates with our university, mainly in information science and technology such as AI, and on information science and infrastructure management at our university. We welcome everyone who is interested in the session theme to attend.


Please check this out for details. *You will be redirected to the website of Hokkaido University Data-Driven Fusion Research and Discovery Center (D-RED).